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Centrifugal pump operation
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Centrifugal pump operation should pay attention to the following
  (1) there is no water forbidden operation, do not adjust suck population to reduce emissions, banned in low flow operation;
  (2) monitoring operation process, thoroughly stop stuffing box leak, replace the packing box when to use the new packing;
  (3) to ensure mechanical seal have fully flush of water, water cooling bearing prohibited the use of excessive water;
  (4) the lubricant don't use too much;
  (5) the cycle of the recommended for inspection. Establish the operation records, including hours of operation, the adjustment of the packing and replacement, add lubricant and other maintenance measures and time. In a centrifugal pump suction and discharge pressure, flow rate, the input power, lotions and bearing temperature and vibration measurement records should be regularly.
  (6) the centrifugal pump host is the atmospheric pressure will depend on lower water to draw on high, and most atmospheric pressure can only support about 10.3 m water column, so centrifugal pump host get out of the water 12 meters can't work.

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