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Centrifugal pump safe keep
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(1) has not been installed in the coating not pump surface should be coated a layer of appropriate rust, oil lubrication of the bearing should be filled with appropriate oil, grease lubrication with the bearing should only fill a grease, don't use the hybrid grease.
(2) the short time pump people clean liquid, rinse, a straw line, the discharge line, pump shell and impeller, side by side net pump shell, a straw line and the discharge line of rinses.
(3) net bearing the oil box row, then charging clean oil, thoroughly clean grease and filled again new grease.
(4) the suck population and discharges covered up, the pump is stored in a clean, dry place, protect the motor winding from damp, rust and corrosion with liquid liquid jet pump shell internal.
(5) pump shaft rotation once a month to freeze, and lubricating bearings.

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