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The introduction of asphalt pump
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    Asphalt pump is swabbing for, transfer and measurement of the asphalt with. In asphalt storing silos, asphalt cans, inspecting and sprinkled asphalt, asphalt concrete mixing equipment and stabilized soil mixing equipment is widely used.
    According to the structure type, asphalt pump can be divided into the meshing and internal meshing gear pump, rotor piston pump and the piston pump.
    According to the purposes, asphalt pump suction pump can be divided into and metering pump, to pump the flow rate of the pump in the drive shaft at constant speed for constant, but the metering pump the flow can be a very wide range of adjustment.
The asphalt pump meshing gears are the most widely used in an asphalt pump, one of the gear to active gear, obscure agency by the engine drive, two gear is located in the enclosed casing. Gear and shell the round between, weeks radial clearance and side clearance should be minimum.        
Asphalt make oil into the pump body along the mouth, full of has pulled out of the make oil into meshing in cavity teeth in space. With the rotation of the gear, between the teeth and was taken to the asphalt pressure oil chamber, because into gear meshing state, asphalt and pressure oil chamber is expelled into asphalt duct.

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