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The principle of choosing the pump
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   1. Make the selected pump type and performance meet device capacity and head, pressure, temperature, flow rate, suction cavitation of process parameters requirements.
2. Must meet the requirements of the medium characteristics. To transport inflammable, explosive toxic or the medium of the precious pump, the shaft sealing is reliable and the requirements without leakage pump, such as magnetic drive pumps, the diaphragm pumps, shielding pump for handling corrosive medium of the pump, request the corrosion resistance of the convection parts materials such as AFB stainless steel corrosion pump, CQF engineering plastic magnetic drive pumps. Of transporting containing solid particles, the medium of the pump, the wear-resisting material requirements convection parts and, when necessary, use the shaft seal clean liquid washing.
3. Machinery high reliability, low noise, small vibration.
4. On the economy to comprehensive consideration to the equipment cost, operation fee, maintenance fee and management fee of the minimum cost.
5. Centrifugal pump has the high speed, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, traffic flow, simple structure, infusion of no-pulsation, stable function, easy to operate and easy maintenance, etc.

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