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Pump protection technology development trend
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     The pump is the enterprise indispensable important one of equipment, the work condition the influence, often appear corrosion, cavitation erosion, the phenomenon such as, wear, lead to equipment failure. Enterprise can only spend a lot of money buying new pump, and BaoFei a large number of parts, causing a lot of waste money.
     Domestic pump design and manufacturing are basically abide by "metal" thinking, which is a stainless steel, carbon steel materials as the main pump body materials, facing the high corrosion, strong scoured the environment, they require high nickel alloy, titanium used even, zirconium, ta corrosion-resistant materials, these rare metal material is expensive and price movements, and manufacturing high cost and manufacturing process complex causes such as the price of this kind of pump is expensive, general tens of millions to differ, also created such pump purchase cost is high.
     With the advanced international pump body of the development of the research and application of new material pump body, the domestic research institutions in western developed countries for reference to the pump body of research development ideas, the domestic enterprise agency began a few inorganic non-metallic materials developed such as ceramic, glass reinforced plastics, graphite and carbon products and synthetic organic polymer materials such as plastic, glass fiber or fiber reinforced engineering plastic, etc. These domestic pump the trend of the development of catering to the international trend, and soon in the domestic made good use of the effect.

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