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Rate of flow in the asphalt pump
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    Metering pump flow regulating can use passive gear on the displacement of axial method, this time the change of the tooth contact width and pump volume.
In the asphalt along the pipe conveying process, temperature drops, viscosity increases. The reasonable suction asphalt temperature should be no less than 90 degrees. In about 100 degrees to pump water cut asphalt already is very difficult. Pump suction when a large amount of water vapor also.
Asphalt pump heating asphalt pump to in the pump body is special in the cavity into steam or heat conduction oil and implementation, or the pump suction is directly placed in the heat asphalt. Due to the asphalt, especially water cut asphalt, asphalt pump is difficult to be sucked, so into the resistance of the tubing should as far as possible to small, asphalt pump must be placed in the tank bottom plane.
In the asphalt storing silos, can be applied (asphalt) submersible pump by motor shaft drive by. Asphalt pipe heat within the heating and heat two forms. Outside the heating, asphalt pipeline has exterior heating and thermal insulation layer of, asphalt pipe heating steam or often USES oil heat.

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