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China pump industry development
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China pump industry is in after the founding of the rise and development, especially since the reform and opening, pump industry has been developed rapidly. Except for a few special pump products outside, the existing product varieties and quantity basic can meet the needs of the national economic sectors.
Pump industry products are all kinds of centrifugal pump, mixed flow pump, reliable, vortex pumps, rotary displacement pump, oscillating displacement pump and water ring vacuum pumps, etc. In these pump products, according to the Numbers calculation, centrifugal pump about 70%, rotary displacement pump and oscillating displacement pump about 18%. Along with the various industries, especially the process industry of rapid development, China's pump industry also experienced high-speed development. At the same time, water treatment industry, petrochemical industry, the oil and gas industry, electric power industry continue to keep the boom of the higher.
   Northeast: mainly chemical pump production primarily;
   North China area: the main in the mud pump production primarily;
   Southeast: mainly civil pump production primarily;
   Emerging enterprise to ShangHai three-phase machinery equipment development Co., LTD. Is a delegate. Adhering to the small and medium enterprise pragmatic innovation, the pursue is perfect, the constant development and expansion.
Domestic pump processing enterprise in research and development to continuously pursue perfect oneself at the same time, along with the technical research and development will be further towards the world, become the world of pump industry processing center.

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