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Product Name: Petrochemical Process Pump  
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Product introduction

FLOWSPEC petrochemical process pump is designed according to API 610 (10th edition) and VDMA24297 (light/medium). FLOWSPEC type petrochemical process pump is horizontal single stage end suction pump with axial suction and radial discharge. According to working conditions, the pump adopts balance hole to take hydraulic balance. Viewed from motor, the pump is clockwise running.
FLOWSPEC type petrochemical process pump is used to transport clean liquor liquids containing solids, low temperature or high temperature liquids and neutral or corrosive liquids. FLOWSPEC type petrochemical process pump is mainly used in the field of oil refinery, petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, cryogenic engineering, chemical industry, chemical fiber and ordinary process industry, paper & pulp, pharmacy, food, sugaring, water supply plant, seawater desalination project, power plant, environmental engineering, heating and air-conditioning, ships and offshore industry.
Performance range
Flow: ≤2400m3/h
Head: ≤300m
Working pressure: ≤5MPa
Working temperature: -80℃~+450℃
Working medium
1. Sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and organic acid
2. Sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, alkaline solution
3. Saline solution
4. Liquid petroleum chemical products, organic compound, corrosive raw material and product

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