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Product Name: Magnetic Pump  
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Product introduction

FLOWSPEC magnetic pump is also called as magnetic drive centrifugal pump, which applies the working principle of permanent magnet coupling to the centrifugal pump with reasonable design and advanced workmanship. FLOWSPEC magnetic pump features with full sealing, no leakage and corrosion resisting; its performance has reached the international advanced technology of the foreign similar products. FLOWSPEC magnetic pump can be widely used to pump acid, alkali, oil, rare precious metals liquid, plating solution, volatile liquid and flammable & combustible liquid in chemical industry, pharmacy, petroleum, plating, food, movie photography developing, scientific research institution, national defense industry, etc. FLOWSPEC magnetic pump is ideal product of developing civilized factory with no leakage or pollution.
Performance range
Flow: 0.9~200m3/h
Head: 3~80m
Power: 0.01~90KW
Working temperature: ≤350℃
Materials: S.S.304, S.S.316, S.S.304L, S.S.316L, PP, RPP, PPS, PVDF


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