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Product Name: Submersible Motor Pump  
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Product introduction

FLOWSPEC submersible motor pump is one type of electric drive irrigation tools which pump body is together with submersible motor. Submersible motor pump features with small volume, light weight, convenient moving, simple installation & maintenance, energy saving and no need of diversion. FLOWSPEC submersible motor pump pumps water from water pond, stream, river, lake and well to apply to agricultural drainage & irrigation, tower water feeding, underground water pumping, garden sprinkler irrigation, flood drainage, urban construction, fountain, boosting for high building and enterprise water supply.
Performance range submersible motor pump
Flow: 1~1000m3/h
Head: 5~1000m
Power: 0.37~410KW
Power supply: 220V, 1Ph, 50Hz
380V/660V (±5%), 3Ph, 50Hz
Working medium: water, softened water, sea water, weak corrosive liquid
Water temperature: ≤100℃
Solids weight ratio: ≤0.01%
Solids size: ≤0.2mm
Water PH: 6.5~8.5
Working pressure: ≤30bar
Submergence depth: ≤50m

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